R3Tea is an Australian owned and operated business using only organically sourced herbs. 
With a primary focus on three R's Regeneration, Restoration & Revitalisation. 

All formulations are based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, with the direct intention to work towards resolving bodily disharmonies. 

At this stage there are four current blends that R3Tea has released which include the Zen, Cleanse & Detox, Yin & Longevity & Sleep formulations. 



Unfortunately many of us are now experiencing greater levels of stress, research has proven that continual stress has direct negative impacts on our physical and emotional health. 

When our body experiences stress the hormone cortisol is released, over prolonged periods of time our adrenal glands which release the cortisol become depleted. 
This is essentially "burning the candle at both ends" and you end up with greater fatigue and stress on the body. 

This formulation contains an array of adaptogens which help improve adrenal function and ease the feelings of stress and anxiety.

This will also work toward building greater energy and mental clarity. 


Cleanse & Detox

This formulation is focused on aiding in healthier detoxification through kidneys, liver and lymphatic system while strengthening healthier digestion.

The benefits of this blend can also help to resolve bloating, indigestion, sugar cravings and aid in rectifying skin disharmony. 


Yin & Longevity

This formulation contains herbs that revitalise essential units to achieving and sustaining health and wellbeing; Yin & Blood.

Yin is essentially our life essence, providing nourishment and structure/support to all of our bodily tissues, over time our yin naturally depletes and this is what causes us all to age. This formulation works like an anti-ageing elixir formulated with anti-oxidants and blood tonics to fight free radical damage and protect collagen production to reduce the signs of premature ageing.

However there are many things we can do to build and Tonify our yin, when yin & blood are in abundance, the human body feels energised, healthy, motivated and inspired. 
Stress is a major factor in burning up our yin & blood, however this blend consumed daily can help restore/revitalise our deficiency, aiding in mental clarity and concentration. 

This blend can help prevent the general crash of energy many of us experience around the 3:30pm mark.



This formulation works by calming the mind to allow for a peaceful nights sleep, nurturing the gut-mind connection while building stronger yin energy aids in holding you in a deeper sleep cycle. 

Sleep is essential for regeneration of energy and vitality. When we have an overactive mind or "monkey mind" our sleep patterns are thrown off, and our bodies can't heal and rejuvenate.