Zenthai Therapist/Indigenous Leader

Ayesha is an Indigenous leader inn the world of movement based therapy.
Offering Zenthai Shiatsu, Pregnancy Zenthai/manual therapy, Energetic clearings and a deep sense of connection to country.

Ayesha's depth of presence and intuition creates a safe container for individuals to tap into their ultimate healing potential. 

Ayesha offers treatments around the Sunshine Coast however has now joined the Chinwe team and will be in clinic every fortnight offering treatments.



Zenthai Therapist/Yoga Teacher

Abhi (Alyce Musk) brings an unwavering presence to her Zenthai sessions. With curiosity and a deep receptive quality of touch, she supports unfixating the bodies tensions and concerns, whilst listening to understand causes beneath the surface. Carrying a playful nature and a generous laugh, Abhi builds easeful relationships with all her clients and students to support their journey and questions. Abhi Jyoti was the name gifted by her teacher Yogirishi Vishvektu meaning Fearless Light.

“I’ve had the joy of receiving regular ZenThai treatment with Abhi over the past 9 months. The sessions always leave my body and mind feeling so much more open and aligned. I really appreciate that Abhi caters each session to my needs and what has currently been happening for me in life. She has so much knowledge and intuition to provide exactly what I need and always shares additional wisdom that I can take into my everyday life to continue to support myself. Thank you so much Abhi! I don’t know what I’d do without you.”




Zenthai Practitioner/Reiki Practitioner

Kenta is an emerging reiki practitioner who started his career in Brisbane. He has a background in social work and science, which kick-started his journey in the helping profession and fostered his ability to support and be with people.       

Shortly after receiving a powerful reiki treatment himself, Kenta embarked on a new path of energy healing in 2022. 
He has since treated countless people and is continually learning and mastering his craft within the energy healing space. 

Kenta's gentle and caring nature further strengthens his ability to truly listen and support his clients. Kenta has also begun incorporating Zenthai body work therapy into his practice to broaden and deepen his work. 




Psychic/Energetic Worker

Tina is an energetic worker that uses a range of metaphysical services which includes Tarot and Oracle readings with the foresight to explain Tarot and Oracle cards with Astrology assistance.

Channelled messages from passed away loved ones may enter during the reading. If energies and inner-cords are not aligned in a client, Tina may also conduct a therapeutic massage with Reiki. 
This practice will destress, realign and reconnect any energy cords and vibrations in clients. 

This is Tina's passion, she is looking forward to connecting and assisting in your journey forward! 



Zenthai & Myotherapist

Brody has over 15 years industry experience, starting his career as a personal trainer and then soon transitioning into Sports/Remedial Therapy.
This lead to working with the Brisbane Broncos, Reds and the Wallabies, as well as many other reputable sporting groups throughout Queensland.

After years of continual study in musculoskeletal therapy and varying body work therapies, Brody now has a sharp and refined understanding of both the soft tissue, skeletal and energetic systems.
For over 7 years Brody focused primarily on corrective therapies in musculoskeletal work, with an intention on alleviating/correcting chronic injuries & pain. Over this time he has gained a great reputation and large clientele due to the results achieved in these treatments.

Brody has in recent years forged a professional and personal interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Brody’s professional aim is to restore balance and alignment within the body using multi-modality therapies.

Working with the Qi imbalance within the body to restore harmony both emotionally and physically. Brody’s holistic treatments facilitate healing within the body by focusing on emotional and physical components of a person’s well-being; as well as aspects such as lifestyle, body constitution, relationships and diet.

This approach addresses the causes of presenting issues not just the symptoms, creating harmony in the yin and yang of the body by ridding blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, disease, pain and emotional issues.

Most importantly, Brody has a very gentle and easy going manner which majority of people find to be the best quality. He shows genuine interest and care in the person before him and you can be assured you will not only be well looked after but truly heard as well.